Friday, 1 September 2017

My publications

This is a cumulative list of my publications, excluding conference proceedings.

Max Brookman-Byrne 'Drone use "outside areas of active hostilities": an examination of the legal paradigms governing US covert remote strikes' (2017)  64(1) Netherlands International Law Review 3-41 (open access, available here)

Max Byrne 'Consent and the use of force: an examination of "intervention by invitation" as a basis for US drone strikes in Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen' (2016) 3(1) Journal on the Use of Force and International Law 97-125 (open access, available here)

Max Byrne 'The failed state and failed state-building: how can a move away from the failed state discourse inform development in Somalia?' (2013) 1(1) Birkbeck Law Review 111-134 (open access, available here)

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